Amy Robinson’s Story

Calming the Central Nervous System with Essential Oils

Amy Robinson
Holistic Transformational Coach and Practitioner is a jewel of a person and coach. She helps individuals at various levels of trauma heal and truly transform who they are and how to show up as their genuine selves with deep peace.

A unique approach to caring for mental and emotional health. Amy combines the power of nature with the power of our minds to create healing, peace and internal strength.

Amy Robinson is a seasoned Holistic Transformational Coach and Practitioner who specializes in supporting women in releasing the weight of their unresolved chronic & complex trauma so that they can reclaim their mental & emotional balance & empowerment.

As a Certified AromaPsychologist and Cognitive Coach, she brings passion and controversy into the industry of health, challenging “traditional” thinking when it comes to how we view and care for our mental & emotional health. She genuinely believes that the path to true health and balance lies within and in what our earth has provided for us in its most purest form. Her passion lies in understanding how the power of the mind coupled with the power of natural health through the use of essential oils and other holistic methods can create a superior internal peace and grounded immune support where the body works to heal itself.

She is a published writer in Aromatherapy Journals, has enjoyed being interviewed on various podcasts, and continues to love learning and growing from the many leaders in the Aromatherapy industry!

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