Young Living Top 10 Picks

Young Living Top 10 Picks

Welcome, this is a little review that I’m going to be trying to do more often, you all know I have my videos on YouTube but I want to give you some more exclusive videos right here in our group so hopefully, this is coming up in our Aromspecialist group. I wanted to give you my top picks for the new Young Living products. So you know on this page we have people who are with a number of companies, all of you have your favorites and I have several brand partners myself. My favorite I have to say is Young Living and I’m really excited about the releases at the most recent convention, the first virtual convention, but there are a few in particular that I really wanted to hone in on and talk about why they’re important in our lives especially today. I’m going to go ahead and get this started. So these are my top picks. I’m starting at number ten (#10) and going all the way to number one (#1) so make sure you stay to the end so you can see my number one pick that I am so excited about.

So we’re going to start with the Super Vitamin D. I was really happy to see this on the list, a good quality Vitamin D supplement is not easy to find, this is something that most of us are deficient in even if we spend time outside. If you haven’t had your Vitamin D levels tested that’s something you absolutely want to do, it is a key function in our respiratory health, our immune system function, and our emotional support. We need to have enough Vitamin D. I’m excited about with this because it’s a dissolvable mixed berry-flavored tablet so I’m really curious to see what it tastes like. I love that it dissolves like that because it’s going to get into your system even faster and I love that it is something that’s also infused with essential oils so this is a really good thing. I can’t wait to try that out and have you all try it and see what everybody thinks about it.

The next one is Cassia Essential Oil. I was excited about this one just because it’s a new one, it’s one that we don’t talk about a lot. It’s got that cinnamon-like aroma and it’s good for relaxing and grounding. We’ve got a ton of oils that are good for relaxing and grounding, you all know I always tell you to experiment and try to change because your body is looking for those changes so if you’re using peace and calming all the time and you love it that’s fantastic, but go ahead and also try this one and see how it changes your environment. There is a beautiful thing that happens when you can smell cinnamon in the home, it’s really great for relaxation.

It was hard for me to place this one on the list because it probably should go up higher on the list. I am over the moon about this, it is such a brilliant idea. Introducing Aroma Rings, just like a decorative nose ring that you place in your nose, this gives you hours of aromatherapy I love this! You all know if you follow me at all that I love inhalers and the reason I love inhalers is because those things are really great for getting into your respiratory system, getting into your bloodstream really quickly because the lungs carry it in there. To have these Aroma Rings that we can just have fit in there and you’ll see at the bottom paragraph there that the aroma lasts for six hours, this is really really good. Then we have different ones so we’ve got Aroma Ease, that’s a blend, and this is a great one if you’re feeling nauseous. This combines the aromas of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Cardamom, and Fennel. Cardamom is kind of part of the Ginger family too, it’s a really nice blend to help to settle your stomach, similar to Digize. I still lean more towards the Digize but Aroma Ease is really great too and the aroma is a little milder than Digize. If you’re out in crowded places and something stinks or you’re just nervous, because let’s face it, we are nervous right now going out and about even though we want to be out and about we’re still nervous, and for good reason. In our household, we are absolutely still quarantining big time and so when you do go out, there can be this anxious feeling and so the Lavender Aroma Ring would be a great one to use. I’m over the moon about this because I’ve been telling my clients to take their inhalers. The thing is when you’re out you really want to keep that mask on and you don’t want to have to take it off to use your inhaler, so putting that nose ring in which lasts for six hours, you’re good to go. I am so so excited about that!

Now the Luscious Lemon Soap. The reason I was so excited about that is because I always use the Thieves soap and I make my own soaps as well and I just keep reusing my thieves container. With the Luscious Lemon what I love about that is that it’s going to give you an emotional boost so often if you’re one of my clients you know I always tell you in the morning to use citrus. I usually have you get citrus and peppermint or something like citrus and ginger something that’s going to get you up and going and to be using that luscious lemon for your hand wash I just absolutely love that, so that’s why that was kind of high up on the list.

Then we have Ecuadorian Oregano. I love Oregano and the reason is it’s just so powerful. For our general Oregano, I just haven’t found anything yet that oregano doesn’t improve. It is amazing for cold, flu, and allergies. I was just working with someone with allergies recently and the blend we were using just wasn’t quite cut cutting it and I said you know what, let’s do a diffusing of oregano and it drastically made a difference. This Oregano from Ecuador is also called Mexican Mint because even though it’s oregano it also kind of has a minty touch to it, it’s in that family too with similar properties to like Peppermint and RC. That being the case, it’s really great for opening the breath so this makes this particular Oregano ideal for cold and flu season, for allergy time it really is going to be soothing and opening up that breath in addition to the protection and properties that you get in general from Oregano so very excited about that. I was it was really tough for me to put these in order because some of them are almost the same and it was hard for me to put on the list.

The reason that this one got a bump up is because I love that it’s a pre-made kit for you. I love this type of thing because it used to be that we would travel all the time and I would always make up these little kits for myself and I always talk to my clients about having a kit of oils of specific type oils that you have with you all the time and this is a ready-made kit that you can take and go. I love the Mind Over Matter and To The Rescue additions. Mind Over Matter is really great for your emotional support, it’s going to help you get through some of the tougher days it’s another one to have with you when you’re out. If you have a speaking engagement, you have an interaction that’s going to be difficult, you have to be in the public and that’s difficult for you, this is something that has been designed by aromatherapy professionals for you. Being an Aromatherapist, one of the things I appreciate about Young Living is their blends and the ones that they put together have been phenomenal and I really have not been able to match them so this is what makes this really really great. Then To The Rescue I really love because this one is specific to when something is going on with you, for example, say like you’re out and about but you’re starting not to feel good it’s a really good idea to go somewhere, sanitize your hands and use some of these products. It contains powerhouse oils and blends. There is the Deep Relief Blend. Blends if your head is pounding or you’re starting to have a sick stomach you use Digize. There is Thieves if you’re starting to get some sniffles, Stress Away if you’re starting to get stressed. It’s just great to have these pre-made blends. I’m in love with the little kits.

We have two more and I was even more excited about these so this one is Serenity Now and Wish You Well. Starting with Serenity Now I was just thinking about what we are all needing to do right now. You all know I really specialize in helping people with their emotional health and what we know is that stress makes everything worse so if you’re dealing with a chronic issue or if you’re dealing with difficult life situations it has been proven that stress is going to intensify the symptoms. Let’s face it, these days I mean you can have a sneeze or a cough that’s an innocent allergy and it just disrupts the entire household because we’re afraid of what that means. Having this Lavender and the Peace and Calming and the Stress Away everybody has their favorite, usually either Peace and Calming and you’re Stressed Away, well this has all of them and you can go and grab the one that you need and make use of it. The other one is again is more of a wellness kit this is going to help you if you’re feeling like your breath is not great RC is great to pull out and Thieves I’ll probably use both of those. Then you have Digize Vitality which allows you to take it internally. I always recommend that people check with the healthcare professional before they take even the vitality version internally because you often don’t have to take it internally. I usually use internal use for specific situations, for example, if something is happening and you need it to be even more potent, then I’ll have you put it under the tongue. Young Living is the only company that’s been approved to have FDA approved for internal use with essential oils. It is very important to make sure that when you’re taking an essential oil internally that you are doing that by the vitality version.

We have to talk about this Chest Rub. I was screaming when I saw this because for Randy and I what I did when we had this whole lockdown in March 2020, is create a chest rub for us. I created a chest rub and a cough medicine, that was one of the things that I did just to have it on standby in case we needed it. The ingredients in this are very similar to the one that I created myself and I’m so excited to have a ready-made, Thieves-based, chest rub this is really great. If you are coughing and you cannot seem to stop it’s going to give you temporary relief, you’re going to have to use it several times it’s not going to make it disappear r anything like that but it is really going to soothe your lymph area, that coughing and that pain that comes with that heavy cough. It’s going to help to encourage really nice comfortable breathing when you’re dealing with a difficult cough or some type of infection so I just really really love that they had that chest rub.

Diffusers probably did not have to be number two but I’m sorry I love these diffusers and I wanted a really beautiful glass diffuser and I had just put one in a cart from another company and I was looking at it and I said oh man I hope they package it well because I’m you know I’m far away it takes a lot for stuff to get here and I was worried about it breaking. Then I find out that Young Living has these handmade glass diffusers I cannot wait to get mine and as soon as I do I’ll make sure to do a live and show you all. I got the Lustre Diffuser, I got the bigger one there. I love that it looks like a lamp, it’s got the intermittent settings, it’s got all the features that I want in a diffuser, the color, lighting, it’s just gorgeous. I love that it’s just going to make your home beautiful, it’s going to encourage you to use it and there is nothing like diffusing essential oils in your home to change the environment. You know we’re spending a whole lot of time at home right now you probably are working from home and it’s really great to just have this tranquil or excitement, just depending on what kind of environment you want in your home. You can absolutely change the mood of your house just diffusing this, it’s just a beautiful thing.

We are down to number one(#1) and I was jumping up and down about this. I don’t know why but we’ve always had Breathe Again in a roll-on and I was always kind of frustrated with that because you know it’s not enough it’s just a small roll-on and even though it did last for a while I always wanted a 15 mil…well now we have it! We have a 15 mil, it is sold out at the moment but if I were you guys I would keep checking back, this is something that you want in your home right now. Breathe Again is going to encourage comfortable breathing. I’m going to go through the whole list with you of what it has in there, on the Young Living site you’ll see eucalyptol that’s the same as 1,8 cineole and what’s great about 1,8 cineol contained in Eucalyptus and Ravintsara, all of those oils, is that it just opens up the breathing. Breathe Again is high in 1,8 cineole. It’s got several different Eucalyptus in there, I’m going to go over these with you, but also, the other constituents are Limonene, Menthol, and A Pinene. All of these are really very comforting and supportive to the immune system and it’s really great at supporting good breathing and we need that because often when we’re stressed our breathing becomes constricted, when our breathing becomes constricted we get more anxiety and this is really helpful at relaxing all of that. If we’re sniffing or blowing our nose or something like that this is very comforting. What I also like about this blend is it’s a pre-made blend so I always always preach about using carrier oil you guys I want you using carrier oils every single time you’re using a straight oil but this is a pre-made blend it’s got its carrier in there so you can just you could go ahead and turn this into a roller put your filament your roller ball that came in your kit snap that on the top and it can become your roller just as it is because the carrier is built in. It’s built-in with Coconut Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil both of those are amazing for your skin, I love that they blended it with that because it does have the menthol in there, the peppermint and so that can be a little spicy on the skin and with those oils it’s going to blend in really great.

I want you to look at how many different versions of Eucalyptus are in this blend it’s wonderful because each Eucalyptus all have the 1,8 cineole or the eucalyptol but at different percentages and they all have their own therapeutic benefit and so with Breathe Again they’ve combined all of those and I really love that. You’ll notice there this Laurus Nobilis so that is like the Laurel Leaf and it’s really great this is something that I use in blends when I’m working with someone who may have difficulty breathing or they’re having some type of inflammatory type condition and so this is really really great that they’ve added that here. It also has Copaiba Resin Oil which is really good and the thing that people don’t always realize is all of these the things that you see on the screen(see video below at min 17:08), not only are they great to help with breathing but if you’re having a fiery episode in your body that you want to cool down anywhere in your body this blend will help with that so if the head is pounding or the arm or the knee or anything this is really nice to rub on that it’s going to help to support you and relaxing that fieriness down, the copaiba does that the peppermint and all those Eucalyptus. Myrtle Essential Oil is another one that I really like to use during cold and flu season, in allergy season. We’ve got Blue Cypress and again another Eucalyptus so it is a beautiful blend I really encourage you guys when it gets back in stock get you a couple of these. I would have at least two of them and just have them on standby because you’re going to find so many uses for it even more than cold flu and allergy season. If you’re somebody who has a tendency towards allergies get three of them. If have some stiffness and things like that this is another great thing for you to have I highly highly encourage that. So that’s my top 10. I wanted you guys to know what to zero in on with all the new releases that you heard about.

As I mentioned in my post I’ll be reviewing and I’ve already been reviewing a variety of companies. If you guys look through the post you’ll see reviews, posts and you’ll see oils from a variety of companies. The reason for that is that I’m all about collaboration versus competition, there is room for everybody and there’re great products all around and just because Young Living is my favorite you may have another favorite but I will be posting and have been posting from a number of companies. If you have questions about a specific oil, you’re not sure which one you want to get, you’re not sure what you should go with…if you want to get a Young Living kit I have partners that I can refer to you to get that from. If you’re with another company and you want one of their kits you can still ask because I can refer you to them as well. I hope that this was helpful for you, be sure to pop your questions in. I want you all to be the first one to see this, you will see this public in probably in the next few days or so but I want you to get first dibs on it. Post your questions I’ll be sure to get them answered and everybody have a wonderful day thanks for your time, bye!