We Can Help You To Successfully Market Your Holistic Practice

As a holistic practitioner, you are benefit-focused because your primary concern is how you can help your client. However, that passion for educating the public around your specialty could land you in big trouble with the FDA.

Speaking about the benefits of our services and products requires some thought, focus, and a little creativity. I talk a lot about compliance because I believe in the idea of keeping our clients safe. I really believe that having restrictions on what we can claim helps all of us work smarter and with more compassion.

We are advocates for our clients. We are also a part of their team. This teamwork requires that we encourage open communication from our clients and their doctors. Do you consider your services a part of your client’s overall health team?

We also have to think about attracting our ideal clients to our coaching practice. In the Holistic Champions Certification school, we dedicate a good portion of the school to marketing your business. Holistic coaches often find marketing taxing. However, our approach to marketing is all about education. 

We help you educate the public about your business in a way that feels organic and genuine. We help you to do so effectively (attracting your ideal clients) while remaining truthful and compliant. You’ll learn to love marketing your business as much as you love coaching.

For instance, one method that we teach in sharing the results of your service or product is storytelling. Telling your story of discovery and healing is extremely powerful. That story is yours, it’s personal. Not only is it an excellent way to explain the benefits of what you do, but it’s also a great way to find those clients you adore. What is one of your personal benefit-driven stories?

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