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By Chris Chaisson for The Aromaspecialists

The business world can be chaotic and overwhelming for even the most motivated individuals. We often hear idealistic mantras about hard work and passion that dismiss succumbing to stress as “not wanting it bad enough.” The truth is that regardless of desire, workplace burnout happens to a majority of professionals, even while performing their dream job. Rather than perceiving this burnout as a lack of determination or work ethic, we should view it as an indicator of how crucial it is to identify and implement routine de-stressors that provide professionals with the bandwidth to perform their jobs effectively.

Discovering a work/life balance is difficult for most busy, driven professionals. Even before the pandemic, many career-minded workers had trouble savoring their “play” time. As technology has allowed for remote work and increased access to employees, it has been far more difficult to relax and take one’s mind off of his or her job. This new normal consists of decreased boundaries, leaving workers with more anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Stress compromises long-term health but is also very hard to escape. Given this reality, learning how to cope with and reduce stress consistently will improve your quality of life and overall happiness. A golden opportunity to gain this knowledge has arrived; simply register to experience The Mood Makeover Method in just 15 minutes.

What’s Being Offered

This mood makeover in 15 minutes and the opportunity to access a full 5-day workshop will instruct busy professionals on how to alleviate their feelings of exhaustion and irritability that come with a demanding schedule. They will learn how to reconnect, resolve conflict and enjoy the fruits of their labor. As business and responsibilities compound, managing your anxiety takes not only consistent effort but expertise from trusted and certified voices. The public health crisis continues to hamper our social lives, vacation plans, and even much-anticipated spa days! Acquiring the tools and knowledge to release the tension on a regular basis through your own regimen will take some time and effort but the benefits will last a lifetime.

This particular aromatherapy plan, designed and led by certified aromatherapist Renèe Hughes, consists of essential oils, breathing, and aroma tapping. Essential oils are gathered through a steaming process to separate the oil and water-based compounds from the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin, and peels of plants. These oils are known to balance moods, boost energy and digestion, and as this program will aim to do, reduce stress and anxiety. Aroma tapping consists of tapping around the endpoints of “energy meridians” located on the body. This practice treats many afflictions common in professional workers, such as depression, social anxiety, and fear of public speaking. 

Lastly, therapeutic breathing (or breathwork) involves applying conscious rhythmic breathing techniques that improve one’s overall mood and contribute to energetic empowerment. The same way rhythmic breathing is crucial to physical exercise, it aids in mental training as well. In the end, the combination of these aromatherapy practices and their utilization in this special workshop will reduce anxiety, enforce positive habits, and endow members with more control over their moods.


These therapeutic materials and techniques can be powerful and life-changing, but they still require the right administrator. In the Mood Makeover Method program, Renèe will offer supportive coaching and guide her participants with the knowledge and discipline to continue these practices long-term. Additionally, the program offers the expertise of guest speakers and the space to interact with peers who may share one’s struggles. These connections can become part of your extended support group, offering you access to like-minded individuals that can hold each other accountable in establishing self-help routines. Socializing, be it through one-on-one counseling, presentations, or networking, are the pivotal last element to achieving a mental and energetic breakthrough.

Moreover, joining the Mood Makeover Method will give you access to an extensive video library. Among the visual content includes step-by-step processes for homemade essential oil remedies and motivational speeches, all geared toward giving you solutions for boosting your spirit and managing negative stress.

Once you have undergone the Mood Makeover Method program, you will not only have learned a structure for your self-care but also reached the understanding that you are not alone. Feelings of anxiety and stress are perfectly normal and not something to ignore, dismiss, or downplay. Rather than doubting yourself, your drive, or your mental fortitude, listen to your mind and body and begin the path to energetic, cellular level healing. With Renèe’s aromatherapy methods, you’re sure to achieve the inner peace and tranquility needed to conquer all of your pursuits. Don’t delay another minute.

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