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I feel much more confident speaking and being more visible on social media and promoting my Aromatherapy School. With the speaking, messaging and mood support I got from Renee I have already closed 2 leads into my school and they start soon!

Maria Fiordalisi

Maria Fiordalisi

Clinical Aromatherapy School / Reflexologist / Educator

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I am super psyched!  Renee says that once your message is clear and you can confidently speak about what you do, you become sought after.  And it happened!  An award-winning film and tv producer, who creates amazing pieces on health reached out to get support from ME for a new series he is doing on Alzheimers.

Debrah Nadler

Debrah Nadler

Aroma Wellness Therapy

Thanks so much for the work session. It was great to have real time support for the little questions. I loved addressing the question and then being able to move on instead of my normal system, build up a giant list and forget what I needed input on.

Leilla Kelly

Leilla Kelly

Leaving Well

I am not feeling afraid to do presentations anymore. I don’t go into, truthfully a panic when I am interviewed…I used to feel like- “What is my name!??” Renee, you have unleashed a beast!


The live session was a success!! Just being in Renee’s company is always a privilege. She really helped get my brain juices flowing. It also helps to hear others in the group and what they’re working on and listen to the feedback, suggestions, and recommendations they receive.

Shawn Every

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