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You want to learn a simple way to do stand out in your industry


You want to finally scale your holistic business


You want to learn steps to ensure your ideal clients will really crave your offer


You want to Develop a unique method, system, or process that makes you a sought-after coach


You want to work with clients who are attracted to your offer and won’t haggle on pricing

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Section 1Formula For Creating A Signature Offer

Section 2Design the Transformation

Section 3aMake the Offer Irresistible

Section 3bHow You Will Deliver Your offer

Faith, determination and an amazing signature offer allowed me to scale my business to 6 figures in less than a year, doing what I LOVE.

Your Clients ARE Waiting!

Imagine waking up in the morning, having your quiet time to reset and reconnect. Then you go to your calendar and there it is full of dream clients. 
You enjoy teaching in  group coaching sessions, with private clients and speaking engagements. 
Instead of overwhelm, you feel joy. You love what you do so much it hardly feels like work. But, your bank account tells you, you are in fact working. On top of that, you are earning more than you ever have.
Referrals are plenty. You now have the luxury of saying no to clients who are not ideal. As you now only have space for the ones you can’t wait to work with. You feel FULL, satisfied and deeply grateful.
This is exactly what it feels like to have a profitable, joyful coaching practice. If you are ready to put in the work, you are steps away from this reality. Let’s get started!
"The Holistic Champions team really got me focused and it broke down the anatomy of marketing funnels. Joining the community was the best decision I could have made. "
Dania Sanon
Owner of She Flows Aromatics

Meet Renèe

Renée Hughes the Founder of the Aromspecialists. Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Health Consultant, and Holistic Coach Mentor 
She helps holistic practitioners transform what they believed to be possible. Having created a 6 figure brand in less than a year, Renée loves teaching her method.

Renèe and The Aromaspecialists team are known for effectively training wellness professionals. Guiding them to achieve a life they never imagined possible.

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Unlike other video trainings, this training has action items. You will actually GET THINGS DONE in your business each step of the way.

"I had a record number of women attend my live event and I learned how to communicate with my audience in a way that makes working with me a no brainer. I love where I am in my business right now! "
Keosha Jones
Owner of Finish what you started

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