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Eulita Emfinger

The Become an Aromaspecialist Program is not only helping my health but it is boosting my confidence and my business as I share oils with others.

I love the recipes! What is great about the recipes Renee provides is, versus searching recipes online, these recipes are specific to me and my customers. She tells you why you use each oil, when you see it online you don’t have such detail and you don’t have that personalized touch.

I really love this program and recommend it. I give it 4 stars!

Ashley Pugh

Ashley Pugh

What I love most about The Aromaspecialist Program is having the option of learning as a group, but also getting the weekly one on one guidance and training where I can learn more in depth on areas specific to my needs and concerns, & those of my family and customers.

I am learning how to use essential oils safely and the importance of not overusing them. This program is helping me to form more balanced views on the use of essential oils to support my family’s wellness and how to do safely and in a way that will yield even more favorable results.

This program gets 5 stars from me! There’s no way I would have been able to afford getting additional training at this time monetarily or time-wise if it wasn’t for The Aromaspecialist program.

Tracy Powers

What I like most about The Aromaspecialist Program is that it is very educational and Renee explains things so well.

She is knowledgeable in her explanation of what the oiils are used for and what combinations to use. Renee is very engaging with her audience and that keeps my attention.

This is a 5 star program!

Emma Zills

The Program is Awesome!!!!! I LOVE IT

I have learned A LOT from my one on one sessions with Renee and the solutions are really helping me a lot.

The group classes have been on Fridays which is usually a CRAZY day for me but each week I am determined to log into that group class. I love having the group session in addition to my 1:1 sessions because in the group, questions are asked that I never would have thought to ask and it helps me.

As an essential oils distributor the ‘Become An Aromaspecialist’ Membership has helped my business because of my growing knowledge and enthusiasm about the oils I show up differently and people are now stopping me and want to talk about the oils. I became a member of this program because I wanted to be educated and I am getting exactly what I signed up for. I really love and appreciate this program. I feel it is a gift and a blessing to me and those who I share the information and oils with.

LZB, Atlanta, GA

The Oil combinations you made for me REALLY work. The one with the Kombu butter and essential oils, once i put it on that is IT for the night. I don’t need any further pain relief. Previously I was taking 2 prescription Ibuprofen a day. Thank you!


I can’t thank you enough for your help! Not only for the aromatherapy coaching but for the emotional support. My family and I include thanks for you in our prayers.


I appreciate your approach. Like totally honoring people and not telling them what they should and shouldn’t eat or do. I feel like you’ve been through it and like where you’ve been and where you are really makes you tune into your clients on a different level. It’s like you want that success for them just like you want it for yourself, not for you, but because you want to support people. Like you want to do this for people and you remember the pain.


We only got three students and every last one of them is sick, we even had oil’s
going in the classroom, Last night I started to cough and when I cough it hurt, It
felt like needles were scraping or something. So before I went to bed, .. I put
two drops of peppermint and lemon in an eight ounce glass of water,
And I drank it.

And then I would say maybe 10 minutes later I had a coughing fit
again but this time the pain was less. It just really, it just, this just blows my

So then I woke up today, it’s still a deep cough and there’s still some congestion
in there, but it does not hurt like it was hurting last night. It just doesn’t, and
that is blowing my mind. But I love how the breathing treatments and oils works
together. I really do, cause for years I’ve used just the breathing treatments or
just the,dayquil Nyquil or whatever it is. But with the addition of the oils is see a
big difference. Thanks


I have found tremendous benefits from the cold and flu blend that I received from the Aromaspecialist. I couldn’t believe the results!! I also tried a blend from the Aromaspecialist for a pounding headache I was having and received SIGNIFICANT relief! I continue to go to the Aromaspecialist for natural relief. Her programs are ideal for this.

The Aromaspecialist Class Testimonial

testimonial for the aromaspecialist programs

testimonial for the aromaspecialist programs

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