How to quiet your mind so that your sleep is restorative

The challenge

It’s been a really long day and you hope that TONIGHT you can get some much-needed deep sleep! Ahhh the pillow feels so nice, you lay down and BOOM your mind turns on! You know that feeling when you go to bed and close your eyes and it’s like a sci-fi action drama movie going on in your head? It is LOUD and won’t let you sleep. The frustration begins to build because that mind just won’t SHUT UP.

What’s happening?

Well, let’s pull this a part a bit. The fact is, you have a lot to think about. Life is busy and full of excitement, challenges, worries, expectations, unhealed wounds and traumas. And, nighttime is when your brain likes to talk. The mind becomes chatty when all is quiet.

Did you know that your mind cannot totally focus on more than one thing at a time? Try it for yourself, give your FULL attention to 2 different things, ready, set, go!

You couldn’t do it right? That is because when the mind is truly absorbed in something the other “things” are sent to “on hold” mode and you can kind of ignore some of the things that are nagging at you, that need to be done or that need to heal. 

Then,  the time comes when you get to rest and relax and your brain says FINALLY, i’ve been wanting to deal with this all day, all week, all month, or for many years….so how can you quiet your mind so that you can get your much needed sleep?

The solution

Sleep is meant to restore, renew, and refresh all your entire body and mind. We are designed to sleep to a level that allows the body to repair and it actually works on a cycle. This is why it is vital to get a good nights sleep and 7-8 hours is ideal for most people of all ages.

I use aromatherapy and specifically aroma tapping to help my clients get quality, restorative sleep by quieting the mind in preparation for sleep. Try diffusing a wood oil like Cedarwood or Sandlewood 30 minutes to an hour before bed. This will help to release some of those thoughts that might keep you awake. This way, when everything gets quiet, you’re at peace and your mind feels safe to rest. This method is all about creating space in your mind so that it can function properly. Consistently releasing heavy emotions and thoughts will create that space for beautiful, restorative sleep.

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