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The Next Workshop Begins Sunday May 2020
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Profitable Part-Time

The final destination to get your work and life in balance, your business profitable, your brand noticed, your overwhelm under control, and your ideal clients attracted to you and your revenue increasing.

How long is the workgroup?

The workshop last for 6 weeks.

We hold workshops twice a year, once around the first of the year and the second will be each summer.

CIB students get 1:1 coaching from Renèe and Randy.This includes financial coaching, debt management and hands on, 1:1 support for subjects covered during the workshop. They also get LIFETIME access to the class room.

PPT students share the online classroom with CIB students however their training is online only with no 1:1 sessions. They do not get financial coaching and only have access to the classroom for the 6 week period they purchase.

Why a six week requirement?

Growth happens over time. You will need at least this amount of time to consistently implement what you learn and watch your business gain more revenue and profit.

Investment for PPT students is $597.00 per person for the 6 week workshop.



Get live tutorials and implementation support on using technology that will save you TIME and money in your business. Tools that will upgrade your brand and make your day-to-day MUCH more enjoyable and instead of a vicious overwhelming grind. Let’s start enjoying our work day!


Learn how to create unstoppable motivation and how to enjoy the journey. This training will help you get your mind right, out of overwhelm and massively productive.


Your clients and prospects will hear you, see you, and resonate with you. You will learn how to uncover what is unique about your brand and how to express it to the world. This will get you enjoyable work, loyal clients, increased revenue and profit.


Find and engage your audience in a natural and non “salesy” manner. Totally take the “ick” out of business building.


Choose the right system, process and procedure for your business. Create a beautiful experience for your clients and increase retention. 


When you become a member you will have access to sign up for our affiliate program and earn 20% commission on full -paid members that you refer! No limit!!! You do the math 🙂

“Randy & Renée upgraded my business. I've had my greatest financial strides working with them. My team and I now have processes that put us in full control of my business. I feel safe and CRYSTAL clear” —Kenny Lattimore, KL Entertainment Group
“Renée has a true gift as a coach. Partnering with her supported me both personally and professionally. When she speaks I am inspired to my soul. Randy & Renée are a special couple, a true unit! ” — Mel Bayol, Acrobatic Casting Advisor w/ Cirque du Soleil | HCI Health Coach
Mel Bayol Coaching with renee and randy testimonial
Ashley Pugh
“Renee has been such an asset. She has gently guided me in the right direction as I grow my businesses. Renee keeps you motivated and shares input on how to adjust your mindset and work habits, without making it stressful . Her experience & desire to help others succeed in business and in life definitely comes through..” — Ashley Pugh,
Lackesha Gayle
Emma Zills CIB Testimonial
Ashley and Danny CIB Testimonial 1