Our Internal Messaging System- How to Wire It For A Joyful Life

I wanted to learn about aromatherapy. And then I wanted to dig deeper into that and specialize particularly on the brain and our emotions. And there was such a connection between aromatherapy and where our olfactory bulb and our amygdala sit. So we know how important it is to connect to that and to nourish that system so that we can rewire that internal messaging. So I really dug into that. 


And then I practiced and tested a lot of different things and came up with a method which we call The Mood Makeover Method, which really helps to completely rewire that system for the long haul. And so this is what my clients and I use. I developed it at a time when I needed it most. We as coaches, especially the ones who are caring for other people so much in their health and wellness and fitness, need it because we’re often really empathetic, so we’re really carrying a lot of pain and a lot of weight and a lot of emotion from person to person, and we need a way to be able to release and to nourish. So I came up with The Mood Makeover Method and started teaching it. Over 400 people have been through my workshops and have learned the method and I’m really excited about the wonderful effect that it’s had on our audience. 


Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 

We use essential oils, breathwork, and abdominal work along with abdominal breathing, and inhaling the oils so that the Limbic System and Vagus Nerve are activated to help us to move nicely between parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. It really helps us to rewire and change. So we apply the oils on our hands and do the inhaling of the oils along with some tapping (EFT). In addition, we talk about some mindset and capacity principles. All of this comes together to form The Mood Makeover Method.


Aromatherapy and Our Nervous System

When the body experiences trauma, it can imprint on the brain and even our DNA. So we want to rewire what’s happening in the brain.  In the Limbic System, we have the Olfactory Bulb, which is just beyond the nose, so when the aroma goes up, the Amygdala and the entire Limbic System receive the plant chemistry that comes in with the essential oils. 

The pleasant aroma of the essential oils is also an important factor. We like to use aromas that are particularly pleasing to the audience. Some people say- if you don’t like the smell of a particular essential oil, it means that you need it. But that’s not scientifically proven nor do we believe it to be true. It’s a combination of the chemistry and the pleasing aroma that will benefit you. The pleasing aroma sometimes evokes memories that you can connect back to, whether good or bad.  So we like to encourage our clients and have them encourage their clients, as we teach other practitioners, to inhale the oils, or use just a little bit of the blend, and see how they feel. Then if it’s something that feels good to them, it feels pleasing to them, you move ahead with it. So part one is just the pleasing aroma, what it reminds you of, what it makes you feel, the safety you feel, the good connection that you have with that aroma. And then the second part is the actual plant chemistry that’s moving through your system, attaching to those receptors, and nourishing your Limbic System, which speaks to all the rest of your body. 

When we talk about rewiring our system, we’re talking about the Limbic System because it’s responsible for how we perceive emotion, how we learn, and how we ‘show up.’ Rewiring this system is so important for professionals especially coaches because of what we do. Regardless of the coaching you do, you need to be able to have some control over your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we feel out of control because there’s so much we can’t control in the world with all that’s happening. But just getting in that space where you can begin to nourish your brain by inhaling the oils and releasing through tapping and breathwork, you can change how you feel about things, how you perceive certain things- even some memories. 

 It’s not so much about doing just one thing but it’s doing all of it and doing it consistently, even when we don’t feel like it. We’re constantly being bombarded with news cycles that are not usually good news.  We’re seeing social injustice and COVID will not go away. All of this is bombarding our system. So we need an anti-attack. We need to work at it on another level to calm down those systems. And just like we’re bombarded every day with some of the negative things, we need to be doing something positive and therapeutic that works at those levels. And Aromatherapy is fantastic for that. The potency of the oils can really help to shift that nervous system from being stuck in sympathetic mode- which many of us are, especially as entrepreneurs, because we’re driven people- to go into that parasympathetic so that we can rest and we can digest. People usually feel a benefit within seconds, whether it be a reduction in physical pain or emotional pain, you can feel it pretty quickly. But it’s the repetition of it that really helps us with the rewiring. 


What If  I’m Scent Sensitive or Sinus Sensitive?

There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to this:

  •  It could be the quality of the oil. Not every essential oil is actually a genuine therapeutic, organic oil. It can have a lot of toxins in it that will make people really sick. You want to look for an essential oil that is organic and of high quality. You also need to know where it came from. It’s good to have their GCMS reports on the oils that you’re using, especially if you’re using them as a professional. There have been reports about people getting really sick after using toxic essential oils.  So be careful of where you source your oils. 
  • Even if it is an organic, perfectly sourced oil, you may just be allergic to it. So if you are allergic to lime or lemon or grapefruit and you use the oil, you could still have an allergic reaction. It doesn’t mean that the oil is no good. It just means that you’re allergic to that oil. 
  • It could be a particular combination. I’ve had some clients who are fine with using an oil individually but combining it with another causes sensitivity.  Remember it’s chemistry- plant chemistry.  Essential oils, humans, everything is chemistry. So when you put different things together, it could make a combination that’s not good for you. 

So I really encourage people to definitely listen to their bodies. Don’t force something because it’s all-natural and it’s good quality and someone said it was gonna work for you. Your body will tell you when something is not good for it. Listen to it!  Even if you don’t know exactly why listen to it.  The only way to really know is, is by trial and error. 


Effectiveness of EFT in the Mood Makeover Method

After I had become an Aromatherapist, I knew that I wanted to create a process that would help me to release emotionally, but then also nourish me. My process used to be called Release and Nourish. At that time I was working with a coach named Jason Winters. He’s an amazing coach. He taught me EFT. And it was helping me so much with releasing. I started having conversations around things that I would never really want to say out loud, things I didn’t want to be true, didn’t want to deal with but was carrying around like a brick in my heart.

Releasing changes everything- the things you’re saying to yourself all the time and the things that you’re thinking that you’re feeling.  It’s really is a big part of rewiring that internal messaging system. So when I learned that I thought: “I have to put these things together because they’re so powerful.” And when I did everything changed. Combining the oils with the breathwork and tapping helped me to reset internally after I had a traumatic experience that at first seemed irreparable. And this repair was long-term. 


How Long Per Day Does the Method Take?

We recommend 15 minutes a day, to keep it going. We tested this in a lot of different ways. And what we’ve found, that works for everybody who comes through our program, is starting with a seven-day emotional detox. And in that seven days, we do 15 minutes, three times a day for your first seven days. And then after that, you can do 15 minutes a day, ideally.  We end up saying you do as long as you can. And the effect is so worth it. You can reset your whole system. You can reset those messengers talking to all the other systems of your body such as your endocrine system and your cardiovascular system. It’s important for your physiology and mental health. You just have to give yourself 15 minutes of the day. 


It’s Ok to Have A Bad Day Sometimes

People can see when there is a disconnect between what you are feeling internally and what you are portraying on the outside. Show up with your honesty because that is what people can resonate and connect with. It’s ok to say that you’re just ‘not feeling it today.’ When you’re not genuine, people feel disconnected and they don’t know why. And it affects you. It affects your business. It affects your relationships. It’s very releasing and balancing to just be real with how you are truly feeling on the inside.

Remember we were created with our internal messaging system, all parts of it. So it’s not that our sympathetic mode, that fight or flight or freeze, is a bad thing. We need it. Sometimes you need to fight. What’s wrong is if we stay stuck in either one of those. We were designed to ebb and flow and not be stuck in either place. So we want to rewire them so we can have a joyful life. 

For more information on us, you can visit our website thearomaspecialist.com. You can also find us on Instagram- The Aromaspecialists. You can also check out our upcoming workshop. The link is on our profile. You’ll learn a whole lot more about what it is that we do. 


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