Experience The Mood Makeover Method In Just 15 Minutes!


Experience The Mood Makeover Method In Just 15 Minutes!

High achieving professionals typically experience constant demands of their time and energy. This can leave us feeling exhausted, irritable, anxious or with really low moods.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Business is scaling, while personal life is on hold or non existent
  • Demands on time make it difficult to stick to a wellness routine or even to get the body moving leaving us dragging and grumpy
  • The thoughts and feelings suppressed throughout the day rush in at night causing a struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep
  • There is tension and a feeling of disconnect even in the most cherished relationships

Mastering the Mood Makeover Method means creating and maintaining a sense of internal peace, confidence and love that you may have thought was lost. Repair, heal and THRIVE with this simple but powerful holistic technique!

Practice the method daily for:

A feeling of calm and control as you navigate through your day

Internal Strength & Confidence so that you nail your discovery calls and speaking engagements

Happy & Healed Relationships with Those you thought would never repair

Retrain your brain and create healthier habits and stick to it!

Ditch procrastination and tap into productivity, finally complete what you start

Your Instructor

Founder of The Mood Makeover Method
& Holistic Champions Essential Oils School

I am a nationally certified professional aromatherapist and certified natural health consultant.  I help motivated professionals to take back control of their energy and emotions through aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping and other holistic modalities 

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The Mood Makeover in 15 minutes