The Mood Makeover Method 5 part series:
Scent, Touch, Breathe

3 essential tools for
feeling fulfilled + eliminating negative stress


High achieving professionals typically experience constant demands of their time and energy. This can leave us feeling exhausted, irritable, anxious or with really low moods.

In this workshop, we are teaching simple but powerful self-care routines to leave you feeling refreshed, focused, and fiercely productive.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Business is scaling, while personal life is on hold or non existent.
  • Demands on time make it difficult to stick to a wellness routine or even to get your body moving. You barely have time for breakfast in the morning.
  • Sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants keep you in the game and get you through the day (until you crash).
  • Speaking engagements, client consultations and family gatherings make you a nervous wreck and keep you from connecting authentically with clients, peers, and even family. 
  • There is tension and a feeling of disconnect even in your most cherished relationships. 

5-Day Mood Makeover

$ 127
One Time Purchase
  • The 5-Day Mood Makeover Workshop
    (workbook and homework included)
  • Journal Book
  • Includes a 10 minute video message with Renee *

*At purchase you will schedule a 10 min session which will be on video message from Renee Hughes specially for you. Follow the prompts in your email to get connected.

You'll Love This 5-Day Workshop If You Want To:

Wake up feeling refreshed and prepared for the day (without having to fake it til you make it)

Attract friends, family, and clients who light you up & Enhance Your Life

Have more confidence and charisma during speaking engagements and client consultations

Ditch irritability and unpredictable mood swings so that you can be patient and present for those you care about most

Clear your head and replace writer's block with a powerfully productive creative flow

Increase chemistry with your spouse, making home life something to look forward to each and every day

You’ll be shocked when you learn how simple, deeply effective and fun it is to heal from the inside out with aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping.

Your Instructor

Founder of The Mood Makeover Method
& Holistic Champions Essential Oils School

Renèe is a nationally certified professional aromatherapist and certified natural health consultant she helps her clients and students take back control of their energy and emotions through aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping. 

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