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Practicing holistic aromatherapy helps our members get better quality sleep, reduces unwanted symptoms due to stress and illness and improves mental clarity.

Our classes and workshops will bring you comfort that you may have been seeking for a long time. Look forward to seeing you in class!

Help Your body & Mind fight back

The Aromaspecialist®programs have helped dozens of individuals get their life back.

Our programs incorporate  essential oil blending, mindset coaching, breathing techniques, and aroma tapping to give a full spectrum wellness experience.

Our clients experience better movement, an increase in mental clarity and focus, better moods and increased productivity. Often we see a decrease in unwanted symptoms that accompany chronic physical and emotional challenges. 

Our mission is to help our members reduce that 1 to 10 scale of physical discomfort and emotional stress, and to provide comfort even when it seems no resolution is in sight. To provide  safe, effective, reliable and responsible guidance to help your body fight back with real aromatherapy!

Release & Nourish Program

What we do..

  • Soothe pain and discomfort from chronic fiery body challenges
  • Teach safe and  proper usage of essential oils
  • Improve mental clarity, mood and energy
  • Provide guidance on blending, dosage, and contraindication
  • Teach how to Identify Stuck Energy and release it
  • Teach how carriers can increase essential oil benefit
  • Create your own plant based remedies
  • 1:1 guidance, education and support
  • Reduce painful episodes
  • Learn energetic/emotional properties of essential oils
  • Partnership for full spectrum wellness

How we do it..

  • UNLIMITED 1:1 Voxer coaching support – it is a modern day game changer in transformational coaching
  • UNLIMITED GUIDANCE, support & training from Level 2 Professional Aromatherapist and Certified Natural Health Consultant
  • UNLIMITED, access to our Teachable Classroom – Get comfortable making blends and learning aromatherapy in these quick, cozy, fun and informative videos 
  • UNLIMITED access to the 7-day Emotional Cleanse – reboot as often as you like with this heartwarming, step by step cleanse that GETS RESULTS!
  • UNLIMITED access to a privately programmed, easy to use essential oils database. Find just the right oil or blend for your needs with a click of the button
  • INCLUDED all required essential oils to address specific concerns, basic household kit of oils, diffuser, carrier oils, inhalers, roller bottles. (Brands of oils and supplies included in the plan will be chosen and provided by The Aromaspecialist. Brands will vary including but not limited to Young Living, Aromatics International, Rose and Mountain Herbs. Participants who prefer a different brand are welcome to purchase and use them through out the program.)

Who we are..

We are a team of highly qualified professionals passionate about education & health but even more passionate about people.

Our goal is singular get our clients results, in an atmosphere of unprecedented love and support.

The Aromaspecialist, Renèe Hughes is a NAHA level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist This means she is an expert at the chemistry of aromatherapy It all means she has obtained a certification in Anatomy & Physiology allowing er to have a clear understanding of how essential oils work with the body as well as with a variety of pathologies. She is also a certified natural health consultant. This means she has the knowledge of how the body work and tends to respond to food, plant based remedies and a variety of natural modalities. Her education has given her a well rounded view that allows her to skilfully and vigorously support her clients with full spectrum wellness. 

Endometriosis, Leaky Gut, hormonal imbalance

anxious moments, too many sad days…

Renèe has been successful at providing relief and nourishment for herself and her clients with all these symptoms as well as many other symptoms like arthritis pain, and inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia.

This program is ideal for individuals who:

  • In need of a highly qualified professional in natural health & aromatherapy
  • Looking for a personal approach! (not the typical do it yourself video only coaching)
  • Seeking natural approach to reduce and sooth fiery points on the body
  • Sleep has consistently become less than 7 hours a night 
  • Want to increase energy and productivity
  • Have lost interest in the most important things and people in life
  • Feeling jumpy, jittery, imbalanced and unhappy
  • Have been struggling with procrastination
  • Going through perimenopause or menopause
  • Managing symptoms from
    • Endometrios
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Sickle Cell
    • Arthritis
    • Skin Disruptions
    • Cold/Flu
    • Allergies
    • Insomnia
    • Migraines

Expected Results

  • Control of painful situations and problematic systems – ahhh relief!
  • Quality, peaceful, yummy sleep (we LOVE waking up REFRESHED)
  • Increased balance in physical stamina – movement increases
  • Get more things done on time, with gusto and focus (no your dog did NOT eat your laptop)
  • Clear, focused decision making – bye, bye brain fog
  • Increased libido just a nice by product of happy hormones
  • Decrease in hot flashes and night sweats – the fewer the better, right?
  • Reduction in unexplained anxious energy (I for one was thrilled to stop waking up feeling like my skin was crawling)
  • Experience overall joy and pleasure (yes your friends will ask you to stop smiling so much)
  • Curb emotional eating (Say no to fries without breaking into tears…some of the time)
  • Naturally make better food choices (you’ll still love fries but that zucchini is calling your name too!)
  • Self care becomes FUN!(that person in the mirror is looking pretty spectacular!)
  • Shorten the length and severity of cold and flu symptoms (get back to work faster! or back to something…)
  • Increase of emotional balance and control. Like not bursting into tears because you burned the toast (yes we’ve done it, don’t judge!)

What Our Clients Say..

Group Membership

  • Learn to use essential oils to manage chronic pain
  • Improve mental clarity, mood and energy
  • Learn benefits of carriers
  • Explore the joys of creating your own plant based remedies
  • Make your own body care products
  • Gain confidence using essential oils
  • Learn safety precautions
  • Learn energetic properties of essential oils
  • Essential oils classroom - videos, audios, lectures and presentations

Release & Nourish

  • Get everything in our Group Class membership, PLUS:
  • Learn best practices and proper dosage of essential oils
  • 1:1 Coaching and support
  • Become expert at using essential oils for you and your family
  • Experience transformational mind & body benefits
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