March Promo

March Promo

There are moments in life that make a lasting impression, decisions made that forever change the scope of your existence. June 2000 in Brooklyn, NY was one of those times for me. I went to a going away part for a dear friend who was moving and there I met this SUPER cute, SUPER friendly guy. His name was Henry Randolph Hughes, III. I will NEVER forget that day. In just a few days he had made an unchangeable impression on my heart and in just 2 months time I KNEW we had a love that would last forever.

March is a special month in the Hughes household. Randy and I were married March 30, 2002. This past year has been especially dear to us as we’ve come to appreciate our relationship on yet another level. Something about going through some things that can bring solid to rock solid. What a gift to have a partner in life and in business that I can flourish with, its indescribable (trust me it is, i been sitting here a long time trying to figure out how to describe it 😂 )

In honor of our special month (we gonna be celebrating alll month y’all 🎉 🙌🏿) and in honor of March also being Endometriosis Awareness month I decided to share some love with our friends in the form of serious dollar saving PROMOS. In fact there are THREE PROMOS coming your way…you ready???

  • The Couples In Business Workshop is being offered at 30% off for the 3 couples only . Let me explain. We only open the CIB workshop for 6 couples 2 times a year. Its a very intimate, intense workshop and we believe 6 or less is our max.  Our next workshop is in May but we are offering this promo in March for the May workshop and the promo will ONLY be in March and ONLY FOR THE FIRST 3 COUPLES WHO GRAB IT!!!! Got it? If not shoot me a text and I’ll explain (678) 250-3202. PROMO CODE: UNSTOPPABLE30


  • The Profitable Part-Time Workgroup – Is being offered at 30% off with no limit for this month only. This Workgroup runs simultaneously with CIB. PROMO CODE: UNSTOPPABLE30


  • The Aromaspecialist Membership Programs – This is literally a piece of my heart wrapped in a bow for the people I serve. It is my Holistic Aromatherapy coaching program and comes in 3 options for membership. Here’s the promo:
    • Group Coaching Package – 50% off, unlimited enrollees all of March  PROMO CODE ENDO50
      Private Sessions Package – 30% off, first 5 enrollees .  PROMO CODE AROMA30
      Become An Aromaspecialist – 30% off the first 5 enrollees PROMO CODE AROMA30


WHEW!!! Thats a lot of savings and a lot of coaching and we are so excited to do it.  So there you have it. Happy Endometriosis Awareness month and Happy Anniversary to me and the love of my life, HRH III

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