"Slowly but surely I'm realizing something new in me is emerging"

In our first group session of the month there were some things that came out that were truly profound. So much so that I saw myself back when I was a young girl feeling completely dejected by everyone, including my siblings.

These past few days I have done lots of tapping, breath work, being present, and meditation the way Renèe Hughes teaches it. I must say I am so excited about being able to push through challenges even when I’m afraid to mess up. Slowly but surely I’m realizing something new in me is emerging, and its an AMAZING feeling!

-LeeApril Burton , Essential Oils Specialist & Owner of Composed Warriors

I want you to experience your own transformation so, as an incentive, I'm offering this BONUS :
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Disclosure: I am a student/ program member of The Mood Makeover Method as well as a brand partner. I receive a small thank you bonus for my referrals. I have to say though, I would shout out this program from the rooftops with or without the thank you bonus. It is an amazing program that I am so grateful for, you will be too!

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