"This program has been life saving for me!"

Year 2020 was profound: Suddenly losing my husband (married close to 41 years) and taking an early retirement from my job. I was working on a digital marketing program as my side hustle. All these changes took an emotional toll on me…more than I imagined. I met Renee through Jason Winters. Renee helped me to see that there were emotional blocks that prevented me to move forward in my personal life therefore impede in growth of my business. I had always been the caregiver, making sure others are accommodated but really I neglecting myself and not practicing what I preach! Now, using Renee’s techniques, I am practicing self care and I am motivating others to do the same!

-Jennie Emory, Life Tranformational Coach

I want you to experience your own transformation and to give you an extra incentive, I have this really special bonus for you:

If you join Mood Makeover Method program before August 15th, I’ll send you a bottle of my favorite stress relieving essential oil free with your Mood Makeover Method membership.
Disclosure: I am a student/ program member of The Mood Makeover Method as well as a brand partner. I receive a small thank you bonus for my referrals. I have to say though, I would shout out this program from the rooftops with or without the thank you bonus. It is an amazing program that I am so grateful for, you will be too!

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