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Learn How You Can Become A Professional Aromatherapist

Learn how you can become a Certified Aromatherapist and become clear, calm and confident s you move forward with your goals. 


YOU DID IT!!! Doesn’t it feel good to take action and check something off your list!

It is obvious that you are committed to your success. Now it’s time to take your next step to becoming a certified aromatherapist. Holistic Champions International School of Aromatherapy will support you to:

-Become an expert on at least 20 specific Essential Oils

-Enhance your business with in depth knowledge of aromatherapy and how it works for mind and body therapeutic support.

-Develop confidence as you coach, consult or teach about aromatherapy

-Learn about safety, dosage and chemistry to use essential oils to its maximum potential without causing harm to your clients

-Get connected with holistic professionals from around the world that will enhance your knowledge and lift up your personal brand

"What I loved about working with Renèe is that It really helped me to develop more layers into my core foundation as a coach. My last launch was probably the biggest launch that I've had in my business."
Nikita Williams
Owner at Thrive with Nikita

"As a Doterra Wellness Advocate I wanted more confidence in using essential oils and educating my clients. I've now developed a signature coaching program helping female entrepreneurs manage hormonal health."
Dania Sanon
Owner of She Flows Aromatics

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