How to nourish your mind and body even if you have no time

At the time of this writing, the world is under quarantine. Who knew virtual living could be so BUSY? Working from home, teaching from home, volunteering from home and even partying from home! We’re doing it all! And, as we contemplate getting back to a “normal” schedule, there may be a bit of apprehension. 

We made this transition to virtual living pretty quickly, but how will we re-enter our communities? I believe we’ve been fundamentally changed by everything that’s happened. We’ve conquered unknown fears, we’ve come together in various communities and we’ve built stronger families and friendships – all while hardly leaving our homes. 

Now is a great time to look inside yourself and see how you’ve really been affected. How has this changed you? How has it motivated you? What fears has it created? And what gifts have you noticed? 

In just 15 minutes a day or less, you can nourish your mind and body so that any emotional toxins that have formed will be released. This allows space for all the gratitude to settle in and motivate you to do more and be more than you ever were before.

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