How to get off the emotional conveyor belt

What Is The Emotional Conveyor Belt?

I have endometriosis. When I was going through the journey of finding out what was wrong with me, I can remember very clearly the STRUGGLE. Finding traditional and holistic practitioners who would genuinely care. Care is more than writing a prescription or recommending supplements.  Excellent care requires a professional who will listen.  They will consider the affect of symptoms on daily life.  The emotional conveyor belt happens when finding this type of care is elusive. Practitioners diagnose quickly and inaccurately.  They hand out supplements or drugs without offering well-rounded solutions. 

Holistic Care

Holistic care means listening with a knowledgeable and compassionate ear and taking the time and attention to help the client understand how to feel better. It’s less about supplementation or even oils, as powerful as they are in the body; what’s more important is the body itself. When we understand what’s happening in our body and our mind becomes a part of the healing process, the repair work becomes more complete and we have a better chance of mitigating and eliminating core issues and symptoms.

I want to work with YOU, just you and me one on one, to show you the power of my coaching method. Combining mindset coaching with aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping will change the way you live. The way you sleep, the way you wake up, the way you move through your day and the way you love. If you’re ready to get off the conveyor belt and have a true partner in your journey to feeling better, I’m ready to join you!  Click here and get started with your first session.


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