Here Is Where Essential Oils Passion Becomes Rewarding

You Care More About People Than You Do Profit


The ideal person for my mentorship program values people way more than dollars. When someone is coughing their first thought is “do i have a cough drop i can give”? If they see someone sitting alone crying they HAVE to say something or at least just be present with them. My folks have big hearts and they want to GIVE way more than they receive. One of the great things about this program is watching these givers GROW so that they can give even more. With hard work will come dozens then hundreds then thousands of stories of individuals they’ve helped to FEEL better and DO more with their lives than they ever thought possible. And oh yeah, a side effect of all this goodness is…you make money! Well earned compensation for a job well done!

In My Mentorship Program You Will Learn..

  • How to start and grow a business without neglecting your family and the more important things.

  • Expand your network and be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Learn from the leaders that teach you the art of the possible and who guide you to perform at your highest potential.

  • Have the satisfaction of taking daily marketing actions that have PROVEN results you can track.

  • Get the help you need to write your own rules and put an end to self-sabotage, insecurities and impostor syndrome that have blocked you from your potential.
Holistic wellness is your dream and passion. You want to nourish the world with it. I’m going to show you exactly how to help without being a hinderance. To nurture instead of nag. I’m going to teach you how to be taken seriously as you grow your business. This mentorship program will be the KEY to growing  an exciting, fun, profitable business. 

In my mentorship program i show participants EXACTLY how to start an essential oils business and how to make it SOAR. This program helps those who WORK HARD to TRANSFORM their life, emotional health, physical health and financial status.

But WAIT….there is one catch….ready??? This program is NOT easy nor is it free.  

I’m inviting women and men who are essential oil LOVERS and are SERIOUS about having a career supporting and coaching as an Aromaspecialist. This program requires time investment, financial investment, a coachable mindset and willingness to learn and ACT. Note that this portion of my program does require a Young Living Distributor account. 

Benefits & Discounts

Apprentice participants in my mentorship program get the following perks

  • Free membership to The Aromaspecialist Group Coaching program 
  • Free group Voxer coaching (for holistic health solutions and business) 
  • 20% discount on Young Living essential oils, supplements and products
  • 20% discount on Aromatics International Carrier Oils & EO Supplies (this discount does not apply to their essential oils)
  • Free oils, or supplements each month
  • Reliable education from a level 2 NAHA certified professional aromatherapist
  • 75% off all courses, programs and & packages for The Aromaspecialist Private Sessions, The Aromaspecialist Online School,  The Couples In Business Project & Profitable Part-Time Workshop
  • *Free 1:1 coaching calls (link to business Voxer coaching page)
  • *Free Voxer Coaching (Link to aromatherapy Voxer coaching page)

* Available for those who join the Young Living Essential rewards program (link this to a video about YL essential rewards)  at a minimum of $300  per month.

Please only apply if you can say YES to the following.

  • 1. I am more interested in people than profit
    2. I’m willing to work hard to make my business succeed
    3. I’m willing to devote a min of 20 hours a week to growing my business
    4. I will not make excuses about how busy I am, how crazy life is and how deficient I am, instead i will step up to any and every challenge
    5. I am willing to learn to be brave and grow through challenges
    6. I am willing to learn not to be ashamed of earning profit
    7. I am willing to learn how to sell without being icky, annoying and offensive
    8. I am willing to learn how to LOVE sales and marketing
    9. I understand that all entrepreneurs and business owners are in sales no matter what product or service they offer. Authors, Social Media Managers, Affiliate Reps, Restauranteurs, Holistic Practitioners, Accountants, Franchise owners and the list goes on. All of these people are in sales. I am proud to be among the ranks of said entrepreneurs.
    10. I am willing to invest a minimum of $100-$300 per month to care for my health and grow my business
“Renée has a true gift as a coach. Partnering with her supported me both personally and professionally. When she speaks I am inspired to my soul. Randy & Renée are a special couple, a true unit! ” — Mel Bayol, Acrobatic Casting Advisor w/ Cirque du Soleil | HCI Health Coach
Mel Bayol Coaching with renee and randy testimonial