The Mood Makeover Method Workshop

The Mood Makeover Method Workshop

Join us August 10th, 12th, and 13th 7:30pm EST for your Mood Makeover

This free 3-day live experience is ideal for talented professionals struggling in their relationships. You’ll leave the Mood Makeover Method Workshop uncovering how to feel connected and loving life to its fullest. It all starts with chemistry…

Join us for your Mood Makeover

This free 3-day live experience is ideal for talented professionals struggling in their relationships. You’ll leave the Mood Makeover Method Workshop uncovering how to feel connected and loving life to its fullest. It all starts with chemistry…

The connection, conversation & clarity you seek...It is within reach.

…Enjoying expansion and  contentment in life, and business simultaneously

Achieving positivity and powerful energy throughout the day (without relying on that midday cup of coffee or a boost of B12s)

…Thriving internally and externally during speaking engagements, client consultations, and family gatherings by building a practice of successful thoughts, actions, and results

Connecting deeply and strengthening your most cherished relationships through genuine support, forgiveness, and celebration

Plant chemistry from essential oils combined with aroma tapping and 3 core principles are responsible for the powerfully uplifting shifts in mood over 300 workshop participants have experienced 

I'm Renèe, Your Mood Makeover Lead Coach

When I founded The Aromaspecialist, I wanted to build programs that would profoundly impact my students’ lives. 

Now, over 300 coaches and business owners like you have benefited from the Mood Makeover Method Workshop, discovering how to . . .

  • regulate their emotions without feeling overwhelmed
  • repair relationships even when it seemed hopelessly toxic
  • release the stagnation blocking genuine happiness

. . . so now I know my mission has been a complete success. It might sound cliché, but I’ve literally changed the lives of hundreds of coaches and business owners . . . and I love knowing I’ve made that impact for so many. My heart is so full.

As a certified professional aromatherapist and the founder of The Mood Makeover Method, I want to warmly invite you to reconnect and revitalize your life and mood through this 3-day live event.

I can’t wait to meet you!

"Better Able to Control my Depression "

Before working with Renèe I had a lot of anxiety. I felt stressed all the time and negative thoughts about myself. In addition to that was significant arthritis pain. I LOVE my experience now. I have a lot less anxiety and I am better able to control my depression and negative thoughts. A nice and surprising side effect is that I've had a reduction in arthritis pain
Mary Mongrut
"I am finally allowing myself to be happy"

My mood was terrible, I was having panic attacks frequently and I wanted transformation and growth. Through The Mood Makeover Method I've learned how to release those traumas and feelings I've stuffed so far down and held on for so long. Now I'm no longer having panic attacks, I've learned how to get rid of negative thought loops and allow myself to be happy.
Jessica Koufos
"I laugh longer and harder and feel emotionally connected to the laughter"

I chose the Mood Makeover Method because I realized I needed to detox emotionally to be my best self. This program has changed my mood in so many ways! I laugh longer, harder, and feel emotionally connected to the laughter. I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm no longer afraid to be vulnerable and I can receive the feeling of being special
Keosha Jones
Productivity Coach

Learn a holistic 3-phase approach to a consistently better mood


Psycho-aromatherapy uses essential oils to realign mood, allowing you to modify your state of mind through aromatherapy. Oils can be used to encourage deep relaxation, stimulate memory, release emotion and experience catharsis, and myriad other mood modifications. 

During the 3-Day Live Mood Makeover Workshop, I’ll teach you all about psycho-aromatherapy and how I combine this practice with aroma tapping techniques, breathwork, and the 3 Mood Makeover Core Principles our workshop participants and program members can’t stop RAVING about.

"This program has been life saver for me!"

Year 2020 was profound: Suddenly losing my husband (married close to 41 years) and taking an early retirement from my job. I was working on a digital marketing program as my side hustle. All these changes took an emotional toll on me...more than I imagined. I met Renee through Jason Winters. Renee helped me to see that there were emotional blocks that prevented me to move forward in my personal life therefore impede in growth of my business. I always been the caregiver, making sure others are accommodated but really I neglecting myself and not practicing what I preach! Now, using Renee's techniques, I am practicing self care and I am motivating others to do the same!
Jennie Emory
Essential Oil Specialist
"Renee is an AMAZING & loving soul"

Honestly before I started working Renee, I was in CONSTANT pain. I was feeling completely defeated and overwhelmed with what I thought the rest of my life would be like. But then came Renèe. Let's first say Renee is an amazing LOVING SOUL! She heard my concerns and helped me find what worked for me. I now go to the hospital and doctor less. I have healthy systems that work for me right at home on top of a better outlook and mindset while living with chronic illness.
Nikita Williams
Mindset Business Coach
"Slowly but for surely I'm realizing something new in me is emerging"

In our first group session of the month there were some things that came out that were truly profound. So much so that I saw myself back when I was a young girl feeling completely dejected by everyone, including my siblings. These past few days I have done lots of tapping, breath work, being mindful, and meditation the way Renèe Hughes teaches it. I must say I am so excited about being able to push through challenges even when I'm afraid to mess up. Slowly but for surely I'm realizing something new in me is emerging.
LeeApril Burton
Essential Oil Specialist

3 Day LIve experience

3 Day LIve experience

Learn to escape your stress cycle with essential oils

When the chemical components of essential oils enter the body, they create an immediate impact on the central nervous system, amygdala, and entire limbic system. Through the process of psycho-aromatherapy, essential oils can soothe trauma, boost mood, and help you find internal peace

Day 1

Experience aroma tapping and the 3 Mood Makeover Core Principles

Engage in supportive practice of aroma tapping and breathwork, experiencing your mood shifts in real time. Together, we’ll begin to uncover the gifts of The Mood Makeover Method.

Day 2

Bring it all home with real-time coaching, Q&A, and a wrap-up celebration!

For the first time, we’re hosting Mood Makeover Method hotseats! Observe or participate in real-time coaching led by your lead coach, Renée Hughes. Come together with other workshop participants for a Q&A. Then we’ll all join up for an amazing live celebration!

Day 3

“Daily watering and nourishing the soul leads to growth and profound happiness”

The Mood Makeover Method
making waves in the hearts of our participants...

You’ll be shocked when you learn how simple, deeply effective and fun it is to heal from the inside out with aromatherapy, breathwork and aroma tapping.

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