Are Safety and Communication Important for Holistic Coaches?

By now you know that essential oils are emotionally nourishing. We’ve seen the proper use of essential oils repair low moods, reduce anxiousness, contribute to feelings of fearlessness and confidence and completely slay procrastination. Sometimes catching a quick whiff of a great smell can change your mood for the good immediately.

Have you ever experienced that with essential oils?

Inhalation is one of the quickest and easiest ways that essential oils can enter the body. However simple the method may seem, there are specific measurements around inhalation that we teach at Holistic Champions to ensure the safety of our clients. For example when making a diffuser blend, what is your rule of thumb as far as the number of drops?

No one really loves that nauseous feeling that can come and go for a number of reasons- illness, fear, anxiety, allergies…to name a few. Essential oils can help reduce that queasy, uneasy feeling.

We teach our students to take a look at not just symptoms but possible underlying causes of those symptoms as they recommend essential oils. This allows our students to recommend blends for whole health results.

It’s important to remember that communication is key to success as a holistic coach and that is something we practice and invite our students to practice.

The key to safety in this niche is also through communication.

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