6 must-have essential oils for a happy romance

A happy romance is a blend of many ingredients. Randy and I are asked how we’re still genuinely in love after 18 years. Our answer – we planned it that way!

When we were dating and first married, we made a promise that as the years rolled by we would continue to date each other, keep spiritual things first and loyally support one another. Although we haven’t done it perfectly, I can honestly say it’s been a blissful 18 years and counting.

If you want a romance that stands the test of time, you’ll need the qualities listed below and you’ll want to continue working to perfect them as the years roll by.

Add the 6 essential oils below to your diffuser or massage blends to help keep your mind, heart and romance on track!


PALMAROSA – Great communication is an absolute MUST-HAVE for a great marriage. It’s also very challenging to say exactly what you mean when you mean it. Emotions run deep and you need skill and a little oil to dig them up. Palmarosa is up to the task, as it literally opens the breath physically while promoting a spirit of emotional adaptability.

GERANIUM – This sweet, floral oil has a plethora of uses. In the case of a great romance, it helps to balance hormones and fosters a sense of unity and security.

JASMINE – Without passion, you may as well be living with your roommate. Marriage is appealing because we’re completely insane about having this person in our lives and we just cannot get enough. Anything short of forever with him or her seems way too little. Keeping that fire going long-term is possible, BUT it takes work, and of course oils. Add a few drops of a Jasmine-inspired blend to your nightly moisturizer and notice how phenomenal it is at restoring feelings of love and connection.


LEMON – Honesty is another must-have quality for a great romance because no relationship works without truth. Interestingly, the longer you live with someone, the easier it is to not share as openly. Let’s encourage conversation by using Lemon essential oil; it’s uplifting and it expands emotional energy and promotes a sense of openness.

MELISSA – Although communication is essential as you build and maintain an incredible romance, you’ll want to be careful HOW you communicate. Harsh words are never part of a good resolution. This can be a challenge during heated discussions. Don’t be afraid of the conversation; just remember respect and love. Melissa will help by reducing anxiety, opening the mind and calming agitated emotions. Add a few drops to your diffuser on days when tension is high.

MYRRH – A great romance is not designed to be short-lived. In the follow-your-heart society that we live in, maintaining loyalty can be quite a challenge. However, it’s clearly essential to obtain and maintain your beautiful romance. Disloyalty takes place during times of transition. This happens because the mind and heart are unsettled. Myrrh helps by soothing those who are prone to overthinking and distraction and brings a sense of peace and contentment. It’s great in a topical blend, inhaler, or diffuser.

Don’t forget you have an opportunity to work with me one on one so that I can support you through emotional cleansing, releasing toxic emotions, and getting mental clarity.

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